Spring Cleaning and the Commonly Overlooked Areas

Spring is knocking at the door, and it’s time for some spring cleaning to bring out that new, fresh and rejuvenated vibe to the whole house. When you prepare that long checklist covering things you need to clean, there are a few overlooked spots that most of us forget to mention. After all, there’s so much to do, from cleaning the garage to those tiny corners of the house, from the closets to all your electrical appliances. If you too are doing some spring cleaning, don’t forget these commonly overlooked areas.

Trash Cans

Trash cans are likely to collect most unwanted germs and lingering odors. Even if you dump the trash daily and change the linings in them, most households haven’t used bleach in those trash cans in quite a long time. So, make sure to clean the cans during the spring cleaning. Take them outside, further spraying the cans down with water. For the interiors, use a bleach-rich home cleaning product. Scrub the cans thoroughly using a scrub brush, followed by rinsing them out and letting them dry in the sun.

Door Frames

While we walk through the doors of the house a hundred times a day, we often forget to perform their thorough cleaning. The door frames’ edges are home to dust and numerous unwanted particles, while the hinges and handles call for proper cleaning. If you are going for some spring cleaning, make sure to take the time needed to properly wipe down the frames of all the doors around the house with a disinfecting wipe. Further, use a dry rag to wipe them down to get rid of all remaining particles. Spray a quality conditioning solution on the wooden frames and doors.

Shower Heads

The nozzles of the showerhead become clogged over time. You may also find hard water deposits or other unsightly buildups on the showerhead that needs to be cleaned. To clean the showerhead while it is still in place, go for a gentle cleaning solution and an old toothbrush. If you remove the head, you can go for a deeper soaking using a gentle cleaner for an hour or two. Once you screw the showerhead back onto the pipe, allow it to run for a minute to work up a final rinse.

Ceiling Fans

The top of the ceiling fan is a spot that usually has got lots of unwanted particles and dust settled atop the fan’s blades. Yes, it’s one of the most commonly overlooked areas when it comes to cleaning the house. Ensure you clean the ceiling fan using some disinfecting wipes, further wiping them down with a dry rag and applying a reconditioning solution to the same if the fan’s blades are crafted from bamboo or some other wood.


The area behind the stove, sink, or the kitchen’s preparation area often goes unnoticed as more attention is stolen by the counter-top mess. What happens gradually is that the grease and splatters can accumulate quite a buildup around the backsplash. You will know just how dirty the backsplash has become a simple, quick wipe. The same goes for the bathroom backsplash area, wherein you will notice lots of sneaky grime buildup because it lies behind the fittings and faucets. A toothbrush will come very handy when it comes to reaching the crevices around the faucet base and handles.

Range Ventilation Grate

The ventilation grate for the range is one spot in the kitchen that witnesses the most gunk accumulation. Make sure to spruce it up by removing it and going for thorough cleaning while referring to the instruction manual to keep the dishwasher safe. If the manual doesn’t allow, you can also soak the grate in some hot soapy water. If it’s difficult to pop off the grate, grab a lint-free cloth and wipe the grate down using an anti-grease cleaner while the fan is switched off.

There’s no doubt about the fact that a thorough spring cleaning calls for a great deal of effort and time to cover all those big and small areas and items. For those large bulky items that just need disposing of you may need to consider hiring a skip bin within your local area. If your located within the Melbourne region Alpha Bin Hire is a great option that we can vouch on. But, when you have done it all and covered even the commonly overlooked spots, doesn’t the floral fragrance and sunshine of the season make it all worth it?